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After interviewing several other designers Deborah was clearly the best choice for our remodel. She worked with us in phases, was low key, with no high pressure. Deborah brought items that "fit" our lifestyle, for a better price and better timetable. My husband, never a fan of this project, became enthused once she brought pieces for his study! I strongly recommend Transforming Rooms as 5 star, and as a control freak - my 5 star (excellent) recommendations are rare!
Teresa Davidson, Greensboro

Deborah was a great steward with our budget. She took the budget we gave her for one room, and was able to make improvements to two other rooms AS WELL! Her ability to find quality pieces at affordable prices was a welcome surprise, as I had spent many months searching both online and in furniture stores, so I knew prices well. Her work of curating pieces made our home makeover exciting! Our friends always ask "Where does she find these pieces?!" (She incorporated one-of-a-kind art and market samples). Our dark outdated spaces are now light, open and an oh-so-welcoming! Deborah not only creates a beautiful space, but she maximizes functionality, highly recommend!
Amy and Bill Stone, Greensboro,

I almost ordered the wrong size (and scale) formal dining furniture online! Deborah helped me visualize the size and scale the room required, and brought us a perfect table. Plus, it wasn’t shiny like the one I almost ordered online. The first designer we had hired (from a different design firm) said our brand-new kitchen set was "wrong" for our room. Deborah said it was actually perfect in shape and size, we just needed cheerful fabric on the chairs. She was right, the new look is gorgeous! We compared her to online prices, for light fixtures, floor lamps, and our dining chairs, which added up to thousands in savings, (and we didn’t have to un-carton things and wait for numerous deliveries)! I’d suggest anyone hiring her to trust her judgement (her gift for visualizing the end result) and stay open to view her ideas and concepts! I always loved her ideas once I viewed them.
Jodi Lloyd, Summerfield, NC

Everyone who visits goes on and on about how great the house looks! We are so proud of the transformation! Deborah goes above and beyond duties of a designer and we feel lucky that our friends referred her.
Ashley Creviston, Summerfield NC

Deborah's non-aggressive approach is delightful and makes the process enjoyable... just as it should be. She brought out options for each area we wanted transformed, we chose, they installed. Simple. Very efficient and professional. Communicates quite well. Remarkable attention to detail.
Jasenna Johnson, High Point

I had worked with a designer before and due to a very bad experience, I really debated on hiring another one. Deborah told me they were happy to do as much or as little as I wanted. They moved things I already owned ($ savings) and made huge improvements with a few impactful additions. Deborah is attentive to details, organized and keeps up with priorities/timelines. You won't regret hiring Deborah, you’ll get true value for your money. I made a good decision in hiring them.
Karen Lucas, Winston Salem

I enjoyed the viewing days and being able to choose! The day after we closed on our house, they brought new furniture, rugs, light fixtures, art, etc! Later, they brought amazingly comfortable porch furniture (and light fixtures)! My husband is very tall, she kept that into consideration for comfort. As a mom herself, she understood the need for durable. Our home is now bright and cheery. I can’t believe the great pieces she found us, and I’m appreciative of their prices for good brands. I now love our new home. We couldn’t be more pleased!
Jeff and Natalie Klockars, Stokesdale, NC

They incorporated wall colors, rearranged the layout, and updated lighting which makes our home feel new. We love the quality of the items and the savings we achieved. It was such a time saver for us. Being able to sit in furniture, see rugs, art and actual light fixtures in the rooms made the process much easier - as well as so exciting! We’re enjoying the updates & joy it brought to our home.
Adam and Susan Fischer, Sedgefield

The idea of working with a designer was more than a bit intimidating for us. Deborah made us feel comfortable, never once making us feel bad about the choices we had made. She took the time to show us how to accentuate the positive, while minimizing the negative. Her ideas have taken our home to an entirely different level – which was no small feat!
Mike & Marsha Stanley, Kernersville, NC

I talked with other sources regarding window treatments & was not happy with their ideas. Deborah brought us choices with varying prices to choose from. She tailored choices to reflect our style. My husband & I both have strong opinions, yet she managed to help us come to decisions that we would've had difficulty negotiating on our own. Deborah is an excellent communicator, up front on her pricing & details that make the process run smoothly.
Dr. Parrish McKinney, Lake Jeanette

Our home doesn’t look "decorated," it looks like a home, warm & inviting! I had used designers in the past that left me with what they thought would look nice. It did, but it never felt like "me." Deborah helped me discover the "me" & made rooms come alive. They were friendly & helpful!
Sherry Smith, Greensboro

I love that she encouraged active engagement to allow us to enjoy the adventure with confidence. Deborah provided options that are were not readily available in retail stores or online, they were beautiful yet child-friendly. She brilliantly blended my eclectic/transitional earthy flair with my husband's contemporary style. Our home has literally been transformed into a haven. 5 stars!
Stella Hung, Greensboro, NC

I gave them three challenges: that I wasn't happy with new furniture we had just purchased, that I was discouraged after shopping at 4 places, and I wanted it all done by Thanksgiving. She brought better quality than what I’d seen and it was very reasonably priced. She and her assistants were pleasant and fun to work with. When my kids arrived from college, my son said, "Wow, Mom, this place is really looking groovy!" - High praise coming from a guy who previously never paid attention. All this - at a very reasonable price! I honestly couldn't feel more positive about the entire experience.
Kelli Gallerani, Greensboro, NC

We had wondered if a designer was a luxury we didn't need, but learned it was a necessity for new construction to run smoothly. I'm so glad we chose them, (after interviewing several). Not only are they very professional, but I loved that Deborah and her staff are friendly and warm. They made it fun, which to me is very important. Deborah saved us many thousands of dollars that we would've spent on change orders. She is able to visualize the end result in the early stages. We were so pleased we had them furnish and decorate the home!
Jim & Pamela Wilkie, New Irving Park

We thought we needed substantial expensive remodeling, Deborah provided clever solutions that look fantastic and saved us thousands of dollars. Plus, our need to furnish an entire house was intimidating, we worried about wasting money & making mistakes! Calling Deborah was absolutely the right choice. She understood our goal of combining contemporary, functional, comfortable. She transformed our home in 3.5 weeks! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!
Kate & Will Hildebrand, Greensboro. NC

Deborah is warm hearted, and has made the process of making our house our HOME. Deborah has a great eye for color, texture, balance and room layouts. I walk through my house, and still can't believe it's mine. Deborah and her staff are amazing! As my wife put on Facebook, "call her, you won’t regret it!"
Dr. William Keates, Winston Salem, NC

When I asked her to find me a dining buffet, she instead provided a clever idea to remove the top half of the hutch, it makes the room feel much more spacious(and saved money). My home is now much brighter and more functional, which was my goal. I am so happy to have found Deborah. She has great interpersonal skills and kept me updated throughout the project. She understood my needs and implemented changes by moving furniture I already had and by bringing in select items which provided a wonderful update to my home. Their window treatments were budget friendly. I recommend them.
Carolyn Gorga, Sedgefield

Deborah incorporated mine and my husband's VERY different tastes, and saved us time and money by helping us understand how to best spend our budget for maximum impact. It’s now the comfortable space we always wanted. Deborah and her team have exceptionally good taste while being open to collaboration.
Amy Wyscarver, Oakridge, NC

My husband and I have different styles. Deborah was able to quickly understand our personalities and suggest pieces that worked for both of us. She worked with our budget and found ways for us to get the "most bang for our buck"! The art she brought are now our favorite pieces! We look forward to working with her again. She lives up to her "transforming rooms" name!
Nicole Portello, Oakridge, NC

For my 10,000 + new construction project, Deborah made suggestions for the tile, lighting, flooring, wood stains, cabinetry, hardware, granite, shingles, brick, paint colors etc. She made it a painless process & followed up with subcontractors to prevent construction delays. If we ever custom build again, I will definitely do so with her assistance.
Steve McClain, Summerfield, NC

A consultation with Deborah saved us thousands in repainting and refinishing costs. I had resigned myself to updates which were going to be expensive, but Deborah was able to give the current color & our kitchen back splash new life with clever less expensive changes. Deborah is generous with her talent. She took the time to explain size & scale and how to place items for maximum impact. I’m so glad we hired Deborah and her team. I would absolutely do so again in the future!
Sara Estle, Greensboro

The office space in my photography studio used to scream, "Left over eclectic". It is now both stylish and comfortable. Deborah provides options, listens well to my likes and dislikes, push me a little on style and creates a great look. She found some great deals and got my approval to snatch them up. Deborah has been a pleasure to work with.
Andrew Bowen, Greensboro, NC

I was leery of hiring a designer due to an experience we had previously with a firm in which we were unhappy with the outcome. Also, my husband and I have different style preferences. Deborah helped each of us get the look we wanted. Deborah is very talented, highly experienced, and has an amazing eye. She curated pieces that we would never have had access to on our own! Our home now feels more spacious, updated and inviting!
Sara and Scott Young, Greensboro, NC

I always enjoy my rooms so much more after Deborah’s transformations! She incorporates sentimental pieces and keeps functionality and durability in mind. I greatly appreciate that, as a mom of two, plus a big dog! She had worked magic on our prior home, so we hired her again for our new home. We were just as pleased this time, she furnished it within weeks! Our friends said they were still waiting on furniture they ordered months ago from furniture stores. On our porch, she provided VERY comfortable furniture and a privacy solution which was more reasonable in price than online. Once again, she provided functional solutions!
Gwen and Mark Dunlap, Summerfield, NC

We made a few mistakes on our own, we had purchased both online and at local furniture stores, but couldn't get the size or the comfort right. Transforming Rooms made the selection process much easier. They brought two choices, at two price points, which made it simple to choose the quality and comfort. The surprising thing was, even the lower priced items were nice and were often our favorites. Deborah knew just when to open our eyes to unique items that were not a basic "furniture store look", things I never would’ve purchased on my own but I LOVE. She tied it all together to look cohesive. Last but not least, we compared their prices and felt very good about our purchases! We’ll definitely contact them again!
Laurie Sheppard, High Point, NC

The rooms that were never used are now spaces we love! Our children are excited to have friends over and my husband and I are as well. We had decided to update our home, enjoy it for a year then make a profit once we sold. Deborahs’ clever ideas made the rooms functional, brighter, and updated. I never thought I'd say this, but we're actually going to stay in the home, we love it now! Deborah made the process enjoyable & stress-free. In the rooms where we wanted high quality, she brought designer brands. In the rooms where we wanted basic, she brought furniture with prices comparable to Wayfair, but we were able to test the comfort! I don't normally write reviews, but Transforming Rooms deserves five stars!
Rachel Mitchell, Greensboro, NC

Their use of old and new (with an eye for colors and light) transformed our rather traditional stale rooms to life. Using art and some contemporary pieces made a significant impact in the feel of the rooms. She exceeded our expectations and will recommend her to others.
Bob & Melinda Madtes, Irving Park

We needed paint selections which required an artistic ability to complement tile, stains and the cabinetry. Deborah picked perfect paint colors. We had her bring rugs and art to compliment my current design, instead of having to start from scratch. Thanks to her, our new house already feels like a home, but fresh and stylish. Highly recommend!
Robin and Jim Arnold, Summerfield, NC

Our home now has a high-end luxurious "home away from home" feeling we were looking for. Deborah has a great eye, works within your budget, giving guidance without being overbearing or forceful. I am in awe at the quality of workmanship. She offers suggestions on how to incorporate a few updated pieces into your existing furnishings (if that is your goal) to transform the rooms. Deborah and her team are fabulous!
Teresa and Rick Ford, Greensboro, NC

I can’t believe what a difference one consultation for furniture arrangement made! It was fantastic and then on top of it, her responsiveness, sensitivity to our budget, and the things picked out for our space were amazing and were very reasonably priced.
Caroline Carrisom, Greensboro

Our Sedgefield 1920's Tea House was quite the challenge, due to expanse rooms, the need to respect the architecture, and our desire to use some of our current things. Deborah created an updated fresh look to avoid a museum feeling. They provided impressive décor for in home viewing, which made the process much easier. She provided immediate high quality sofas, (while other sources were quoting long waiting periods). All this came with savings in both time and money, in comparison to what we could've done on our own. We are beyond thrilled.
Dr. Miles Rudd, Sedgefield

They truly captured our love of art and European culture. Their professionalism, creativity, and resources were very helpful. We found their fabric quality and pricing to be exceptional. Everything is beautiful! We are extremely happy with Deborah and the staff at Transforming Rooms.
Dianna Brittain, Grandover

If you ever have an opportunity to work with Deborah and staff, do not pass it up! She recently designed a stunning porch for us. A few years ago she designed and furnished our entire interior. Her ability to blend our "style" of sophistication & comfort with just the right amount of "wow" is amazing. Deborah truly cares for her clients & fulfilling their dreams.
Denise Hoppe, Henson Farms

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